Offseason Training: CrossFit

Since my last blog, I have been working on quite a few things for the upcoming season. This includes getting new racing gear, scheduling my first test session, and starting my new snapback brand. However, there has been one major change for 2016 - my new fitness routine. After the VMB Shootout, my body needed to adjust to the new car. My arms were drained from the heavier weight, my core was aching from the higher G-Force, and my brain had to adjust to the quicker speed. It was safe to say that I needed to step up my game. After the season finale at Atlanta, I came home and started to research places to train. I got in touch with the owner of CrossFit Monrovia, who also used to be my former kindergarden teacher. I took a look at the facility and I instantly knew that this would be the place where I would train for the upcoming season. 

This past week, I spent my time there learning all the techniques, equipment, and workouts. Next week, I'll be putting what I learned to use and start my classes. I am really excited about this and I think this will give me a huge advantage next season. It's no coincidence that the drivers who spend the most time in the gym are also the drivers who spend the most time in victory lane. With my new training routine, I hope to feel more comfortable in the car and grab some wins as well. 

So as you can see, I've been trying to get myself fit for my next session in the new FormulaSPEED car. I've been talking with the team and VMB about possible dates for my first official test. I expect to see myself in the car in mid January, but that's just an estimate. Hopefully, I can announce some official dates soon! I'll be posting another blog next weekend about my new snapback gig, which is another exciting project that I'm working on with my cousin. I really hope that becomes another passion of mine outside the track. Thanks for reading this blog and I'll talk to you all again next week! 


Keep you all posted,

- Jonathan