Race Weekend Update: Roebling Road (February 7th - 8th)

Last weekend in Roebling Road was fast-paced - I had practice, qualifying, and the Round 7 race all in one day! Usually practice sessions are the day before qualifying/racing, so this was intense! 

My fitness was tested as I was extremely tired after each session. I qualified towards the back of the grid and to make things worse I fell back and lost the draft. During the race, it took all I could to fight the fatigue and finish 6th.

On Sunday, during Round 8, things got better as I put the car in 3rd in qualifying. During the race, I avoided a spinning car in the first lap and was able to run smart, smooth and methodical laps, finishing 3rd and grabbing my 6th career podium!

Overall, this weekend saw a lot of adjustments and learning that ultimately resulted in improvement - Day 1 was long, grueling and not what I had hoped for.  Day 2 started with a long review of videos and feedback from day 1 and resulted in a great improvement on the track.

My 3rd place podium was very rewarding, considering how far off the pace I was in the beginning of the weekend.

The momentum is still there and I'm very much looking forward to Rounds 9 and 10 at NOLA Motorsports in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 20-22. During this long break, I will be training like crazy and using a new workout regimen.

I'll be gearing up to give it my all in a few weeks, until next time...

- J