Sponsor Highlight: Yoshida Sushi Bar

Every once in awhile we all need a little Japanese food in our lives.  Tempura Udon, Miso Soup, and Sushi are just the basics when it comes to Japanese cuisine. You don't have to go to Japan just to satisfy your cravings, there is a place that is home to some of the freshest, cleanest, and tastiest Japanese food in Southern California. 

Yoshi Okatomi is the owner and head chef of Yoshida Sushi.  This has been my favorite Japanese restaurant since I was a kid.

When I retired from karting in 2012, Yoshi became a sponsor of my racing career in addition to being my favorite Japanese chef. It's been great to have the support and encouragement from not only Yoshi but the rest of the Yoshida staff.

Now let's get to the good stuff, the food. What makes Yoshida so great?

  • Fresh ingredients - a MUST for sushi
  • Incredible talent - they know what they're doing when it comes to picking ingredients and food prep

Wondering what you should try first? Well, I've literally tried everything on the menu...

  • For my fellow sushi lovers, my favorite has got to be the "Spider Roll." Crab meat, cucumber, carrots, special sauce, and seaweed are all wrapped up and prepared with a decadent secret sauce. It is definitely my favorite thing on the menu.
  • Or how about you Udon lovers? I would easily say the "Shrimp Tempura Udon" would be the best choice!
  • Not sure what you should try? You can't go wrong with Okathomi's signature "Baked Shrimp" or "Takoyaki."

The options are just absolutely endless! 

And if you're looking for more than great food...

Yoshi is definitely an entertainer, serving up comedy along with the best sushi in town!


Getting hungry?  I understand! Yoshida Sushi is a hidden gem in San Marino, California. The service, atmosphere, and food are all 5 stars in my book.

So what are you waiting for?  You should check it out and I'm sure that  once you take a bite out of anything from the menu, you'll agree that it's the best Japanese food you ever had.

- J 


2026 Huntington Dr
San Marino, CA 91108