Finale Preview: A Look Back on My Rookie Season

Well here we are, the finale. I have had the time of my life these last 6 months. I got to travel across the USA, meet a lot of awesome people, and most of all go wheel-to-wheel with some of the future stars of motorsports. Words can't describe how much I have enjoyed all of this. Now, I face my final race in my rookie season, Sebring. I'm ready to end this amazing season with all my friends, coaches, sponsors, and fellow competitors. 


Usually in my past blogs I would recap what happened in the last race and give my takes on what happened that weekend. However, being that this will be my final blog before the season ends I thought I'd share my take on my rookie season as a whole. 

Before heading into November for Rounds 1 & 2 of the Skip Barber Winter Series I had 3 main goals...

  • Finishing in the Top 5 of at least one race
  • Safe driving - no crashes
  • And (if I was lucky) finishing in the Top 5 in standings by the end of the year

To my surprise, I have accomplished these goal and more! In my rookie season I have...

  • Lead 17 laps
  • Earned 6 podiums finishes
  • Started two races in the pole position
  • Overtook 28 cars
  • Stayed in the Top 5 in standings throughout the season
  • Got my first career win!

Yep, I'm more than thrilled with the way the season has gone.

However, it would be selfish of me to think that all of my success this year was 100% my doing. I have countless people to thank. From the sponsors who signed with me in my karting days, to my new sponsors, the friends I have made this season, my family back in Indonesia, the coaches at Skip Barber, the mechanics, the media team at Skip Barber, and all the people who cheered for me...all I can say is THANK YOU! These have been the best 6 months of my life!


Originally, my goals for Sebring were the same as other race weekends. Pass this car, beat this driver, and so on. But a good friend reminded me that this is the last time I'll be racing with such a great group of people. Some of these racers are going to move up to bigger and better things, some are going to take a break from racing, others (like myself) will continue to race in the Skip Barber series.  So its safe to say we will all be going our separate ways.

I spent 4 years digging, grinding, praying, working, and hoping that I can raise enough funds to race in the Skip Barber Series. It wouldn't be fair to anyone (especially the people on my side) if I didn't enjoy this final race. Thus, my new goal for Sebring is this...HAVE FUN! 

Sure I can speculate on where I'll finish in the standings, where I need to be running, and where I need to finish, but I have worked too hard not to enjoy this. Don't get me wrong, I'll still take this weekend very seriously, but I will do it with joy and a bright smile on my face. 



When I get back from Florida I'll update you all on what my plans are for the future. I already announced this a few months ago but I am very honored to say that I will be on the grid for the 2015 Skip Barber Summer Series!!!

More to come...

- J