Race, Train, Repeat

People tend to think that driving a racecar is easy. Sit down, start the engine, race for 20-25 minutes and you're done... Well, it's not easy at all.

During my last race at Roebling Rd, I started to sweat in the car, my hands could barely hold onto the wheel, and I even had to take a few minutes to stay in the car to rest after the race was over. The g-forces were taking their toll in the long corners, and I felt my body really working hard to keep up. 

I spent some time thinking on the way back to LA, knowing that fitness played a pivotal role in the performance I had at Roebling. Now, I am currently 5th in the standings 20pts behind the leader with 4 races left in the season (2 at NOLA and 2 at the finale at Sebring).  In order to improve, I'l be focusing on a few things, the main area being fitness.

A few weeks into my training and I am starting to feel a lot of improvements. My cardio is great, my upper body is getting stronger, and I am eating healthier.

My schedule includes running, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, weight lifting, situps, pushups, squats, boxing, circuit training, elastic bands and hand grips. Throw in a few games of basketball and football with my buds and you have yourself my pre-race workout.


My diet is another main focus of my training. Picking healthier choices like water instead of soda, fruits instead of chips, and protein to build muscle have been helping me feel better and stronger. 

Now it's almost time to see how well my training has prepared me. I'm excited to see how well I perform at NOLA Motorsports next week.  Stay tuned!