Practice Recap: Road Atlanta (Rds 1 & 2)

Hey Everyone! Just arrived in Atlanta a few days ago. Its been going well so far! Practice day was yesterday and we had two sessions. In the morning session I was able to feel out the car and get comfortable with everything really quickly. I posted a 1:39.5 lap time which became my personal best! I ended up 4th in that session. The afternoon session was a lot different because the track temperature went up. When this happens, the track becomes more slippery and harder to drive. My best lap time in that session was a 1:39.7 lap time. However, I ended up 3rd in the afternoon session.

Today is the opener for the summer series! Round 1 will be today and Round 2 will be tomorrow. Looking to start my season off on the right foot! Hoping for some good, clean, and safe races. The goal will be to get a Top 5 in both races. Let's get it done!

- Jonathan