Preview: Virginia International Raceway (Rounds 11 & 12)

Virginia International Raceway Preview (Rounds 11 & 12)

Looking Back: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Laguna Seca was by far the most interesting and unpredictable race weekend of the season. I was able to grab a win in Round 9 and finished 4th in Round 10. However, I had my first crash of the season where I injured my thumb. Luckily, I am in good shape and all healed up for Virginia. 

Due to the tremendous amount of mechanical failures at Laguna, Skip Barber decided to cancel the Ohio race this year. They have replaced that race with Atlanta. In other words, the rest of the season looks like this:

Rounds 11 & 12: Virginia
Rounds 13 & 14: New Orleans
Rounds 15 & 16: Atlanta

Looking Ahead: Rounds 11 & 12 Virginia International Raceway

Heading into Virginia, I feel more confident and comfortable than ever. The goal at Virginia is simply to keep it up. If we can continue to run like this the rest of the season, we'll look really strong at Atlanta for the championship shootout. Thanks as always for the support everyone! Let's keep it up!

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