Sponsorship Opportunities

If you'd like to sponsor Sugianto Racing, please contact us to start the conversation.  Social media, hospitality, and on-track marketing are some of our strengths. We thrive on making sure our sponsors are happy. Please feel free to contact us! We are always looking for more partners!

If you'd like to support Jonathan, please consider donating using the link below.


  • Yoshida Sushi
  • Axcel Fast Graphics
  • VMB Driver Development
  • World Speed Motorsports
  • Ramen Naruto
  • City Of Hope

special thanks to MY PERSONAL SPONSORS:

  • Terry Giffen
  • Sujono Nursalim
  • Randy Sturgeon
  • Greg Appler
  • Jim Hall Karting School
  • Skip Barber Racing
  • Teddy Johannes
  • Abi
  • Phillip Fedor
  • The Thompson's
  • The Jones
  • Ariadi Satyaputra
  • The Bakulas
  • The Levenson's
  • The Hartanadi's
  • The Maurers 
  • Norma Mardelli
  • Thomas Tjhie
  • Dong Mei
  • Daisy Lo
  • Ridwan Hendra
  • Amelia Alianto
  • Cara Hilton
  • Leann Wong
  • The Ramos'
  • Jia Shu
  • Lillis Wijaya
  • Shirley Panu
  • Derrick and Hendry Josef
  • Teddy Gondawijaya
  • Yvonne Han
  • Kath and Keith Carls
  • Maureen and Sean Incontro
  • The Chaves'
  • Erika Felsoory


Professional photos on this site were taken by Skip Barber Racing School